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Reprinted from the National Driller (Sept 2002)

Supplying drill rig replacement parts has been the specialty of Drilling Supply and Manufacturing (DSM) since it first opened its doors in 1977. Today, it is not only known as a supplier of essential replacement parts, it is also known as a drill rig manufacturer and rebuilder.

“We manufacture and sell parts for Gardner-Denver, Mayhew, Midway and Badger drill rigs, and make custom parts for many other rigs,” Ken Young, DSM general manager, claims. Starting with 12 acres of land and just 3,750 square feet of building space in Austin, Texas, the company has grown to fill three buildings totaling 300,000 square feet. “We still have room to grow,” Ken adds, “but not much.”

In 1977, Young came to Austin to join forces with Palmer and Stanley Martin (father and son) to form DSM. Ken had been a partner and manager of the Midway Supply & Manufacturing in Odessa, Texas, (the manufacturer of Midway Drill Rigs) until he sold out in 1974. As a condition of the sale, he remained with Midway for three years after the change in ownership. At this point in his life, Ken considered a number of options in the drilling business before moving to Austin and forming a partnership with the Martin’s.

Palmer Martin began his career in the drilling business in 1945 and opened his own machine shop, Martin Machine Corp., in 1963. From 1963 to 1977, Palmer manufactured parts for Midway Supply & Manufacturing, where he dealt with Ken Young. Palmer’s son, Stanley Martin, began helping out at the family machine shop at the age of 13 and is today the general shop manager and consulting engineer for the company. “Designing drill rig parts and components is not an easy task, “Stanley notes.

DSM is active in the drill rig manufacturing business today, making and marketing the DSM Bob Cat 1000W, 1500W, and other custom rigs. DSM also manufactures rotary tables, Drawworks, PTOs, floating subs, slips, fishing tools and swivels.

“We do a lot of drill collar and cross-over sub work, too,” Ken says. “We make most of the parts right here in our own shop using special lathes and equipment. We make all of our own kelly bushing and slips. We have our own sand-casting molds, but have the casting done outside.”

“Used and reconditioned supply sales are still a big part of DSM’s total operations,” Ken explains. “Water trucks and accessory equipment are equally big items on our list of services.”

Skilled employees are a key component of DSM’s success. “We employ a number of former drillers at DSM,” Ken explains. “Drillers make some of the best mechanics and parts people. They understand the needs of our customers whey they call needing replacement parts in a hurry. Parts people have to know a lot about drill rigs in order to locate the problem area and match up the parts for rigs of a given manufacturer and year model,” he adds. Ken’s son, Randy, is DSM’s parts manager. He’s also involved in outside sales.

In 1986, DSM dedicated a complete hydraulic parts and repair shop – DSM Fluid Power – to serve the needs of drill rig owners and operations. This shop maintains the largest hydraulic test equipment in central Texas.

On Dec. 12, 1991, DSM purchased the Mayhew/Gardner-Denver Water Well Division from Cooper Industries, which included all blueprints, patent rights and molds.

Ken states, “We have many key employees who have been with us since the company began in 1977.”

The dedication and experience of Young, the Martin’s and their long-term employees should continue to make this thriving specialty supply and manufacturing business the success it is today.

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